When you are having a good hair day, you have a great day. Right? You stand taller, you speak with more authority, you exude a confidence that is undeniable to those whose presence you have blessed. However, on the days when your hair refuses to cooperate because it’s either too dry or too frizzy or too... anything, it can really put a damper on your mood. That is why finding the right products is so important. Knowing you have an arsenal of go to hair care products that you can rely on is a game changer!

Imagine having an incredible hair day every day. That’s what Honey Envy believes in- beautiful healthy hair should be the standard and not the exception. When you leave the house feeling confident in your appearance, you have already accomplished a major task that will propel you into feeling empowered and ready to tackle the day.
That feeling of empowerment doesn’t just stop at you though. When you radiate confidence, people can’t help but notice! It is contagious! When you shine, you give other women permission to shine as well. It may even inspire women to ask, “What your secret is?!”. WHEN that happens, be generous in your response: share words of encouragement, guidance, and all of your favorite Honey Envy products with them.

Ultimately, our hair care products are not just about hair. Honey Envy is about women supporting other women in all areas. As you scroll through our site and try our products, please share it with the women in your life. Talking about hair is a catalyst to larger conversations that bond women and provides a vehicle to support each other in a world where women need support.

We at Honey Envy are here to build bridges and would love to hear from you about how sharing our products has sparked deeper conversations. If you have a story to share, please reach out to us via social media. We are eager to hear from you!